Letsencrypt Certificate – Manual Install

To generate a letsencrypt certificate without installing it into Apache, do: # sudo certbot certonly –webroot \ –webroot-path /path_to_your_vhosts/www.domain1.com/htdocs -d www.domain1.com \ –webroot-path /path_to_your_vhosts/www.domain1.com/htdocs -d domain1.com # apache2ctl configtest If the configtest does not detect any problems reload the Apache


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Upgrade Seafile Server

Download the latest seafile server: https://www.seafile.com/en/download/ Stop the server: ./seahub.sh stop ./seafile.sh stop or via service: /etc/init.d/seafile-server stop Upgrade with upgrade scripts. Always start with the current version. If for instance your current version is 6.0.9 and want to upgrade to 6.2.5